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Glenroy’s whiskies area a celebration of the legend of the Picts and their journey through Scottish history.


The origins of the Picts - “The Painted People”, referring to their warpaint – are lost in the mists of time. Legend has it that they were descended from the “fairies”.


Settling in the North of Scotland well before the birth of Christ, the Picts were renowned for their exceptional warlike qualities. A fearless tribe of Dark Age Scotland, they repelled the conquests of both the Romans and the Angles.


Brave, colourful people, who battled to create our homeland.


After winning these decisive battles, their land of Pictavia merged with the Gaelic Kingdom of Dàl Riata to form the Kingdom of Alba- what we now call Scotland.

At Glenroy we are committed to showcasing the best that Scotland has to offer, and we’ve scoured the country for the best whiskies we can find.

Releasing limited quantities of beautiful Single Malt whisky from our most skilled distillers, we can guarantee the highest quality.

Glenroy whiskies are each a unique bottling, never to be repeated and each presented in the manner it deserves.

The Whiskies


 The Inveravon

This rare single malt Scotch Whisky evokes the feel of ancient Scottish history and tradition whilst also embracing modern style and conveying an aura of richness, history and affluence.

Inveravon is more that just a malt whisky. It is also a part of the river, rocks and the people who shaped the land past and present.

The Inveravon 15 year old Single Scottish Malt encapsulates and embraces all the tastes, aromas and colour of an exclusive Speyside Malt.

A golden coloured whisky with a full-bodied mellow nose -  sweet vanilla, butter shortbread, peach flavoured yoghurt with a hint of citrus peel. It is smooth, rich and creamy on the palate, sweet vanilla initially with peach plum packagers, apricot jam – giving a fruitiness with marzipan and a slight nutty tinge to finish. 

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Glenroy’s Arinsay Whisky is a rare Speyside Single Malt. 


According to ancient myths, Arinsay was the 18-year old daughter of a powerful nobleman of the Picts, the ancient inhabitants of Scotland, renowned for their bravery and fighting skills.

Arinsay Whisky release date - early 2021 –


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